The House of SimicThe House of Simic is one of the oldest buildings in Krusevac. Although there are no reliable data on the period of its building, by style characteristics it can be assumed it was built in the late 18th or early 19th century, but most certainly before 1833, when Krusevac was liberated from the Ottomans. Besides its architectural values, the house holds great significance for the city’s history. It is believed it used to belong to Ottoman beys, Frenevic brothers, and Stojan Simic, afterwards, who was the first authority of newly liberated town and the one who got the house as a gift from his godfather, Milos Obrenovic.


The house was also a place where, in 1835, the famous uprising, known as Uprising of Mileta (Serbian: Miletina buna) was organized, which lead to limitation of power of Milos Obrenovic I. Later on, the house was used in different purposes and changed the exterior and the interior appearance depending on the taste of its owners. In the middle of the last century, in 1951, the house was adapted for the needs of newly formed museum ad that was the reason it got its name “the small museum”. Improvements of the house, done in 2007/2008 made it possible for the National Museum of Krusevac to acquire space for the exhibition which tended to display a family life in town of Krusevac in the first decades of the 20th century through furniture and other household items. The building, owned by the Ljotic family, built 1920s, which is a remarkable example of preserved secession interior ornaments with authentic facade decorations, today is a place of the Art Gallery, formed in 1961 within the Museum. Made to fit the needs of gallery exhibitions, with the exhibition space of 140 m2, conceptually is orientated to follow the flows of contemporary art accentuating the achievements of homeland artists and contributing to the fund of more than 550 paintings.


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