Milic of Macva GalleryMilic Stankovic, an academic painter from Belgrade, born in Macva, one of the most distinguished painters in contemporary Serbian painting, made a gift to Krusevac in 2000 containing a legacy of more than 120 paintings depicting Serbian history, from Stefan Nemanja to modern era, with accent on Kosovo Battle in 1389 and medieval Krusevac.


Decapitation of Lazar PaintingWall painting "Decapitation of Lazar" is placed in a hall of building called Dom sindikata situated at Trg Kosoviskih junaka (Kosovo Heroes Square), covering a space of 40 m² and it is a work of renowned painter Milic of Macva. It was presented to the public on June 27, 1971 for the 600 anniversary of Krusevac. The painting was done in "al seco" technique. This wall composition was inspired by the lyrics of an epic poem “The Decapitation of Prince Lazar", which speaks about the suffering of the prince during the battle in Kosovo and his resurrection.

Actors’ SquareOn June 28, 2019, in honor of Vidovdan and the Day of the City, a grand opening of the Actors’ Square took place in front of Krusevac Theatre. Krusevac has given to Serbian and Yugoslavian theatre and film arts the most of its legendary actors. MiodragPetrovicCkalja, VlastimirDjuzaStojiljkovic, TaskoNacic, Mihajlo Bata Paskaljevic, Milan Puzic, RadmilaSavicevic, and LjubinkaBobic got their place at the Actors’ Square in the constellation of the most deserving.



Fountain SquareThe place of today’s square once served as a green market where people traded with grains and fruits until 1960s when a small fountain was built. The attractive fountain was modernized with extensions and marble lining and stone benches alongside. Today, the Fountain is one of the favourite places for relaxation of Krusevac citizens who enjoy the freshness of water during the hot summer days.

Kosturnica SquareThe Day of the City and 630th anniversary of the Kosovo Battle was celebrated on June 28, 2019 with opening of the Kosturnica Square, which was entirely reconstructed and renovated adding two new roundabouts.




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