If you decide to try a true traditional Serbian appetizer after aperitif – COLD PREPECENICA (plum brandy of 45-50 degrees), ask for PROJA (cornbread), CHEESE AND KAJMAK. Sour cabbage is excellent in wintertime. If you like to try some meet specialty, then the best combination is SERBIAN SNACK WITH PROJA OR POGACHA (bread made in ashes of a fireplace). Along with kajmak and cheese, we offer prosciutto ham, smoked pork loin, chili peppers, stone leek. With this appetizer, a quality white wine or Rose works the best. Serbian winter starters may include aspic, baked beans (prebranac), smoked pork loin, and sour chili peppers (feferoni).

Aspics are traditional Serbian winter starter originated from the need to use less quality parts of pork meet (legs, head meet). They are cooked in water with herbs (pepper, bay leaf, salt), and when the bones separate from the meet the liquid is placed in trays. Garlic is added and trays are left in a cold place. Ground chili pepper is sprinkled over it and cut in lumps. The dish is served with sour salad (pickles, sour pepper and green tomato).
PREBRANAC is a special kind of a larger beans (tetovac) with addition of onions and herbs (pepper, salt, and ground chili pepper). It is served cold, as a part of an appetizer. A glass of wine is necessary! Try SPRITZER (mix of white wine and club soda in 2:1 ratio), which is excellent for digestion. If you prefer lighter food, we recommend cold POSNE SARMICE (stuffed cabbage rolls usually served during a fasting season). It is prepared with vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with fried onions and rice with peppers, tomato and celery.

Soups and Stews
No lunch, no matter whether regular or more festive one, can be imagined without a soup or a stew. There are many kinds of soups or stews, but the most famous one are:
Stews have pieces of meat and lot of vegetables, and quite often are very spicy (sour stews). Soups are prepared with meat and vegetables, but they are served clear with noodles or dumplings.
Still, there is one stew that combines all the virtues: SUMADIJA SOUP. Chicken is cut in to thin sticks and boiled together with carrots, parsnips, celery and onion. Black paper and chopped parsley are added.

Main courses
Krusevac s offer all kind of international specialties. Still, when we like a good meal, we turn to domestic cosine. Long time ago, during Prine Lazar’s era, BUNGUR STEW – a royal meal with wheat and different kind of meat was served. Curdled milk, game, pie made of homemade pastry leaves, and red wine. Serbian barbecue specialties have become the symbol of national cosine, before all CEVAPCICI (minced baby beef are placed on the ice for some time and formed in to sticks that are roasted on a barbeque and usually served with chopped onions). The highlight in enjoying the barbeque meat is MIXED MEAT- several meat specialities: cevapcici, burgers, meatballs, sausages, pork chops, kebabs, burgers with kajmak, pork loins…Since barbeque dishes are best when served warm, “LESKOVAC TRAIN” was invented. Your appetite will decide on a number of wagons you will board. You had two or tri cevapi, followed by the burger and you have not had time to raise a toast with cold spritzer, a hot sausage arrives. A composition goes on with homemade lepinja (flat bread). Bear in mind that the last “wagon” is your decision!

KARADJOORDJEVA SNICLA is named after the leader of the First Serbian Rising against Turks, Karadjordje. We are not sure whether he liked this kind of steak, but we do know that is very popular here. Veal steak is stuffed with kajmak and then rolled in eggs and breadcrumbs. It is deep-fried and served with tartar sauce. Good red wine goes well with it.

There is no holiday without MEAT ROASTED ON SPITS. However, why limit yourself to holiday only? When traveling through our country you will notice that inevitable part of the scenery are s, which have lambs and pork spit roasted in ember in front of the entrance. It is sold on a kilogram, and eaten with salads, and in wintertime with seasonal sour salads. Red wine will go with this kind of meat.

SUMADIJA VEAL CUTLET is prepared of veal – cutlets and Serbian cheese, tomato, bacon, curdled milk, potato, rice, and chili peppers. We recommend red wine with this dish.
Tradition of preserving meat by curing it created a habit of serving such meat in s. The most famous among them is SMOKED RAM STEAK separated from the bones, cut by the length and roasted on barbeque. It is served with Serbian salad. A glass of red wine will go marvelously with it.
Spring is the time of the transition from winter to fresh food. Favorite spring dish is LAMB KAPAMA. It is prepared of lamb meat stewed with stone leeks and leeks, with addition of fresh spinach. The dish is cooked, but can be put in the oven as well. It is served with curdled milk.
SERBIAN CASSEROLE is prepared with tomato, paprika, potato, rice, chili peppers, and pork cut in a small pieces and stewed with onions. The dish is baked in the oven afterwards. It is spicy and tasty and it will make you thirsty. Do not forget to pour yourself a glass of white wine.

For those in favor for lighter meals we recommend STUFFED ZUCCHINI. A hollow is made in immature zucchini, stuffed with rice and minced meat (lamb and pork), and then cooked with tomato and herbs. It is served with curdled milk. Nice Rose wine is the best combination with this dish!
For gourmets and those who love unusual dishes there is a VEAL HEAD IN TRIPE. You need a veal head, dark and white liver, and veal tripe. Cooked liver is fried with onions. A veal head is placed on a tripe, wrapped and sewed and roasted for 4-5 hours. It is served with salad and chili peppers with dry, white table wines.

BEANS is the most favorite domestic dish prepared in a lot of ways: from stew to baked, from just beans without anything else to the “army beans”. Beans are cooked with onions, bay leaves, chopped bacon or smoked pork bones, and roux in the end. A sausage, pork chops or something similar is usually served with beans. We recommend salad with it- cabbage or roasted peppers with oil and garlic. Spritzer or beer will taste good with it.
Sour cabbage is a traditional winter food. Still, you can eat it fresh as a salad or cooked in different ways. One of the dishes is PODVARAK. A head of cabbage is cut in pieces and fried with onions. Chopped bacon and fat are added to it. After baking it in oven it is usually served with roasted turkey or pork. It is a regular part of winter cosine. A glass of red wine goes well with it.
WEDDING CABBAGE is prepared in a large clay pots for a few hours. It is made of sour cabbage, fresh mutton, veal, and pork meat, cured meat and lot of onions and herbs (pepper, salt, bay leaves). Delicious dish that tastes well with red wine.
BOILED SHINS is a gourmet specialty prepared with herbs and served with horseradish. This dish should not be tasted without white wine or cold spritzer.
JAGNJECA SARMICA is prepared with white and dark lamb liver. Liver is cooked and cut in to small pieces. Then, rice, an egg, fried onions and herbs are added. This mixture is then wrapped in a lamb tripe and sauced with milk and eggs. It is roasted in the oven and served with cold curdled milk and a glass of white wine.
In Serbian cosine salads are served with dishes. Once, they were consumed seasonally. In wintertime, “tursija" (sour cabbage and pickled vegetables), and fresh vegetables during summer. Today, such seasonal menus do not exist anymore, but the tradition remains. Tomato, pepper, onion, and chili peppers are common ingredients of all mixed salads.
SERBIAN SALAD is made of all aforementioned vegetables with addition of oil, salad and fresh cucumbers. If we add some cheese to a salad, you will call it SOPSKA SALAD. They are both good, so whichever you choose it will not make a mistake! Peppers are eaten fresh, but quite often roasted as well. ROASTED PEPPERS is a salad made of long and pointy peppers with garlic, oil and vinegar. URNEBES SALAD is recommended for gourmets and lovers of spicy food. It is a crushed chili pepper mixed with cheese.
Standard offer in some s are fresh chili green peppers, while some will treat you with chili peppers with garlic and oil as soon as you arrive. In more intimate ambience, the main course could come with a salad called the COLD GARDEN. Whole tomato, pepper, peeled cucumber, stone leek and ice cubes are placed in an oval plate. Accept it – it only up to you what and how much you will eat.
AJVAR is roasted pepper and eggplant – after roasting ingredients are grinded, mixed and fried in oil. It is served with oil and garlic if preferred.
SOUR CABBAGE is mostly eaten in wintertime. A head of cabbage is cut in pieces, served with oil, and dried crushed red pepper. TURSIJA is a mix of pickled cucumbers, peppers, green tomato, cauliflowers, and carrots. This kind of salad is usually served with roasted meat. Don get surprised if salad is served with aperitif – homemade plum brandy. Sour cabbage is the best with good quality homemade brandy. Along with all these salads, you can order fresh cabbage salad, cooked beetroot, green salad with beans, string beans, celery, potatoes…
After a god lunch or dinner, over a glass of cold wine, you will be asked if you were for something sweet. Yes, of course! Serbia is famous producer and exporter of fruits, still, you will never get fresh fruits in domestic s, except as an ingredient of some cake.

Every Serbian that cares about its reputation must have a DRY NUTS PIE (a layer of specially made and slightly baked dough with a layer of nuts) on its menu. It is a refreshing sweet after a good meal, and the wine tastes better with it! Alternative to it are (nuts cut in to a small pieces mixed with sugar and eggs, in a shape of a horseshoe – known as Krusevac Viagra). If you do not care for nuts, there are PIES WITH APPLES, CHERRIES OR POPPY SEEDS (flour, oil, eggs, vanilla sugar, raisins, baker yeast, and of course, apples or cherries or poppy seeds).
PANCAKES are inevitable (flour, sugar, eggs, milk, oil). You can have them with nuts, jam, chocolate, gratinated, flambéed in wine château… In a more festive occasion, nuts, chocolate, butter, almonds, orange syrup, a touch of maraschino and cognac are added to pancakes which are light up in front of you to make FLAMBÉED PANCAKES.
At the end of your meal, before you pay, you will be offered a cup of coffee. Turkish or espresso? Go for Turkish coffee, since it is really a true Serbian coffee because it has never been prepared in such way in Turkey itself. Tell the waiter how would you like it, with more of less sugar, or just trust the cook and order a “regular” one.

Choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Krusevac’s s meets the highest demands no matter the origin of drinks’ producer. s that keep high quality of brandy and wine from their own cellars are the most famous ones.
We recommend some of the domestic drinks producers:
BRANDY made of natural ingredients (plums, grapes, herbs):
Prepecenica (brandy produced with 2 distillation processes, plum brandy, juniper brandy, grape brandy, herbal brandy, yellow gentian brandy…)
Prince Lazar, Princess Milica, Merlot, Kratosija, Plavac, Dingac, Vranac, Blatina, Ruzica, Rose...
Banat risling, Karlovac risling, Semion, Smederevka, Burgundy, Zilavka, Traminac...

MB, BG, Jelen, Vajfert, Pils, Lav...
Next, Nectar, Golf...
Knjaz Milos;, Rosa, Voda Voda, Aqua Viva...



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