Pastel Café & Bistro
“Pastel Café & Bistro” is a product of the desire of experienced hospitality enthusiasts to offer Kruševac, its residents and their guests a beautiful view over the town center while sitting in the exciting, modern and warm interior and enjoying high quality drinks, coffee and culinary products at affordable prices.
Address: Trg kosovskih junaka BB

Arabica Café
A large selection of savory and sweet dishes. Delivery of: coffee, pizza, sandwiches and salads. Pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.

Arabica Café
A unique café and restaurant on 3 levels and 600 square meters, offering a wide range of dishes and desserts and all kinds of beverages.

Bagdala Restaurant
Located in one of the most beautiful parks , at only five minutes’ walk from the town centre, Bagdala restaurant is a place for new memories to be created and old ones to be relived. A true time machine for anyone who decides to visit.
A pleasant atmosphere with ambience music, a modern interior design and a unique view of the surrounding park, make this restaurant an ideal venue for business meetings, conferences, all kinds of special events or just relaxing. With professional service, delicious food and quality beverages, it will make you feel comfortable and classy.
We have managed to merge the traditional and international cuisine, combined with a wide range of quality wines. Our national and international cuisine includes fresh food, deliciously prepared and beautifully served, that will satisfy all your senses. Breakfast at Bagdala, with your morning coffee and a view of the surrounding nature is definitely a wonderful way to start your day.


El Clasico
Known for its contemporary and modern look. Excellent service and phenomenal food. It is located next to the park Kosturnica and thus provides ideal conditions to enjoy food and drinks and relax with friends. The restaurant also has a nice patio for enjoying the outdoors.

E T. - Restaurant – pizzeria
Restaurant - pizzeria E.T. is located in the city center. The elegance of the interior and carefully selected music will make your visit to this pizzeria a truly agreeable experience. Another thing worth mentioning is the large patio covered with vines, especially pleasant in the summer. In addition to a wide variety of pizzas, our menu also includes fish and meat specialties, as well as a wide selection of wines, so the gastronomic offer of the restaurant is at a very high level.

Etno kuća- Ethno House
A renowned restaurant in the very town centre, furnished in ethnic style and offering Serbian cuisine. The welcoming atmosphere will make your stay in our town more pleasant… We invite you to enjoy assorted appetizers, barbecue, fish, slow cooked dishes and, of course, our specialties –meat roasted under a clay bell (lamb in milk, veal with cream…). We also offer a choice of drinks to pair with your food- excellent local wines of protected geographical origin, local brandies and a wide selection of draft beer. The whole experience is completed with good music to complete your enjoyment.
We took special care to organize the space in our restaurant, dividing into several areas: a covered patio with a seating capacity of 140, the entrance area, Kafana, with 50, the central area, Fireplace hall, with also 50, The Green Banquet Hall with 35, and a small and cozy part called The Barn Hall, with 25 places. The total seating capacity of ETHNO HOUSE is 300.
We are confident that you will find the right place just for you. Visiting our restaurant is a delightful experience, so we believe that you will leave with a favorable impression and share it with your friends.

Novo Prerovo Tavern
The Novo Prerovo (New Prerovo) tavern is located in Obilićeva 60 street, where the old tavern used to be for many years. Today, with new staff and new menu items, superior quality and service, reasonable prices and a pleasant atmosphere, it can satisfy all gourmet appetites. And we also offer what is rarely found elsewhere: traditional Serbian dishes like lamb pluck meat rolls, stewed beef tails, ham with cream, calf's head in tripe, stuffed zucchini ...

Serbs have always loved taverns. Checkered tablecloths, a large choice of selected local cuisine, unobtrusive service and friendly atmosphere, this is what attracts those who celebrate, and those who mourn. The right place for socializing and chatting with excellent food and drink. Combining the demands of the modern pace of life with the tradition of old Serbian taverns, Novo Prerovo is on its way to becoming a true institution of catering in Krusevac.

Konak - Lodging Restaurant
The Konak lodging is located in the center of town and has a secured parking. It has 8 rooms and 2 suites, a total of 28 beds. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a bathroom, TV, telephone and internet.

Occupying the ground floor is a restaurant with 90 seats, furnished in ethno style with lots of authentic items from the family house Mihajlovic whose catering tradition began 60 years ago in the wine-growing Zupa Aleksandrovac. At the top is a brand new restaurant Konak II, with a capacity of 130 seats furnished in a more urban style, with a beautiful view of the surroundings.
Konak is famous for national cuisine and has received awards on several occasions. Some specialties standing out from our menu include Željin steak, braised lamb („ribs thin like knitting needles”), peasant style piglet and for dessert “čarapanska” Viagra and “pancakes with everything”.

Laterna – Restaurant
Relying on 25 years’ experience, gained both in our country and especially abroad, we have created a wide offer of food and drinks, which, along with the warm atmosphere of the fireplace-hall in winter and cozy covered patio in the summer, guarantees a successful business or family event.

The food on our menu is Italian, international or national, but above all unique and special, with our own signature touch -Laterna cuisine, food from best quality ingredients, prepared in different ways-traditional (under the bell, grilled on charcoal) or modern (sous vide) and many other.
What is our secret spice, many would like to know. It is love in amazing amounts.

Be a part of our big Laterna family .

The Little Prince– Café patisserie
Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and still in its center, you can find “The Little Prince” café patisserie. We had its space decorated very carefully and with love – the small white garden, the not so big hall, beneath the mural with unobtrusive Parisian spirit, the gallery reminiscent of a secret hideout with a dash of luxury, and the terrace – the Mediterranean above the roofs of the city.
We have chosen and designed the pastry, and we are sure that after being a part of the tables of our fellow citizens for the past 15 years, we know what you like. We have played with the new flavours so as to present ourselves to you with something different and yet supreme.
And thus, CREME BRULEE, FRUTTI DI BOSCO, TRES LECHES slowly spread the tribe of hedonists, the appreciators of the seductive embrace of dark chocolate and raspberry in transparent jelly, and the creamy milk underneath the caramel velvet.
Your spot in "The Little Prince" is already there, waiting for you, as a response to the unspoken and ever-present longing for the place you’ve always wanted to come to but simply couldn’t find.

Fast food restaurant MILAGRO. The rich and diverse offer of the fast food restaurant always includes fresh meals, prepared from high quality ingredients by highly skilled chefs.

Napredak – Restaurant
The restaurant is located inside the Stadium "FK Napredak" and has a large terrace with 250 seats and an air-conditioned restaurant hall with 90 seats.
The building was completely renovated and offers specialties of the Serbian national cuisine, as well as a wide selection of freshwater fish. The restaurant offers the possibility of organizing banquets, business lunches and family celebrations.
The specialty of the restaurant is the Napredak steak.
The pleasant atmosphere, excellent food and friendly staff, make an extraordinary impression of this elite restaurant.

Olive Tree - Restaurant - pizzeria
Under the olive tree, in the heart of Kruševac, there is an oasis of enjoyment for all your senses.

Olive Tree is a Mediterranean restaurant that will win you over with its unique interior and atmosphere, excellent service and quality of its authentic offer at very reasonable prices.
Welcome to the exotic world of Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Chinese, Lebanese and other widely famous cuisines.
Olive Tree’s magic of flavors under the olive tree.

"Kralj" restaurant
To all those who wish to fully relax and enjoy, restaurant "Kralj" offers the delights of grilled specialties, national cuisine, dishes cooked under a clay bell, pasta, fish and many delicious dishes from our extensive menu. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff.



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