Birth home of the national hero Miloje ZakicIn the village of Malo Golovode, not so far from Krusevac, there is a birth home of Miloje Zakic, who fought in the Second World War and become a national hero of Yugoslavia. The memorial house is a home of an exhibition dedicated to life and activities of Miloje Zakic.




Stalac TownStalac Town

The remains of an old Stalac town are called the Tower of Todor of Stalac, named after the main tower which dominates the hill along the Juzna Morava River. Epic poem connects this town to the duke Prijezda. The town was built in the ancient times (archaeological findings from Neolith Era are found), but it was restored and rebuilt during Prince Lazar rule in the middle ages as a sort of protection at the entrance to the Zapadna Morava Valley.


Protection of the Holy Mother of God MonasteryProtection of the Holy Mother of God Monastery

Protection of the Holy Mother of God Monastery is located in the village of Djunis, 18 km east of Krusevac. The church was built in late 19th century, after the appearance of the Holy Mother of God to a seek girl. The original and modest house of god had been destroyed and restored several times. New church was built in period from 1977 to 1982. This picturesque monastery with spring and church yard is one of the most visited monasteries in this area.


bela voda 1mGeographical position of Bela Voda is very favourable one. It is situated in the central part of Serbia, at the southern border of Sumadija, between the Gledicke Mountains and the Zapadna Morava River. Bela Voda is situated 14 km away from Krusevac in the north-west direction, 20 km from Trstenik on the East, 35 km from the Belgrade –Nis highway, and 205 km from Belgrade on the South. The village was named after a spring that emerged in white, foamy water jets on a place of today’s Park of Sculptures.


jastrebacJastrebac is the highest mountain in the vicinity of Krusevac that is reached by Golovode, Lomnica, and Buci villages. The mountain holds a special tourist potentials. Vast plateau with artificial lake lies at 650 m altitude, 20 km away from Krusevac. Jastrebac is an old mountain that has existed since the Tertiary Period and emerged from the Tertiary Sea as a big island. The highest peaks «Djulica» 1491 m and «Pogled» 1481 m are a natural border between Toplica River and Pomoravlje Region.




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