If you decide to try a true traditional Serbian appetizer after aperitif – COLD PREPECENICA (plum brandy of 45-50 degrees), ask for PROJA (cornbread), CHEESE AND KAJMAK. Sour cabbage is excellent in wintertime. If you like to try some meet specialty, then the best combination is SERBIAN SNACK WITH PROJA OR POGACHA (bread made in ashes of a fireplace). Along with kajmak and cheese, we offer prosciutto ham, smoked pork loin, chili peppers, stone leek. With this appetizer, a quality white wine or Rose works the best. Serbian winter starters may include aspic, baked beans (prebranac), smoked pork loin, and sour chili peppers (feferoni).

Aspics are traditional Serbian winter starter originated from the need to use less quality parts of pork meet (legs, head meet). They are cooked in water with herbs (pepper, bay leaf, salt), and when the bones separate from the meet the liquid is placed in trays. Garlic is added and trays are left in a cold place. Ground chili pepper is sprinkled over it and cut in lumps. The dish is served with sour salad (pickles, sour pepper and green tomato).
PREBRANAC is a special kind of a larger beans (tetovac) with addition of onions and herbs (pepper, salt, and ground chili pepper). It is served cold, as a part of an appetizer. A glass of wine is necessary! Try SPRITZER (mix of white wine and club soda in 2:1 ratio), which is excellent for digestion. If you prefer lighter food, we recommend cold POSNE SARMICE (stuffed cabbage rolls usually served during a fasting season). It is prepared with vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with fried onions and rice with peppers, tomato and celery.

Soups and Stews
No lunch, no matter whether regular or more festive one, can be imagined without a soup or a stew. There are many kinds of soups or stews, but the most famous one are:
Stews have pieces of meat and lot of vegetables, and quite often are very spicy (sour stews). Soups are prepared with meat and vegetables, but they are served clear with noodles or dumplings.
Still, there is one stew that combines all the virtues: SUMADIJA SOUP. Chicken is cut in to thin sticks and boiled together with carrots, parsnips, celery and onion. Black paper and chopped parsley are added.

Main courses
Krusevac s offer all kind of international specialties. Still, when we like a good meal, we turn to domestic cosine. Long time ago, during Prine Lazar’s era, BUNGUR STEW – a royal meal with wheat and different kind of meat was served. Curdled milk, game, pie made of homemade pastry leaves, and red wine. Serbian barbecue specialties have become the symbol of national cosine, before all CEVAPCICI (minced baby beef are placed on the ice for some time and formed in to sticks that are roasted on a barbeque and usually served with chopped onions). The highlight in enjoying the barbeque meat is MIXED MEAT- several meat specialities: cevapcici, burgers, meatballs, sausages, pork chops, kebabs, burgers with kajmak, pork loins…Since barbeque dishes are best when served warm, “LESKOVAC TRAIN” was invented. Your appetite will decide on a number of wagons you will board. You had two or tri cevapi, followed by the burger and you have not had time to raise a toast with cold spritzer, a hot sausage arrives. A composition goes on with homemade lepinja (flat bread). Bear in mind that the last “wagon” is your decision!

KARADJOORDJEVA SNICLA is named after the leader of the First Serbian Rising against Turks, Karadjordje. We are not sure whether he liked this kind of steak, but we do know that is very popular here. Veal steak is stuffed with kajmak and then rolled in eggs and breadcrumbs. It is deep-fried and served with tartar sauce. Good red wine goes well with it.

There is no holiday without MEAT ROASTED ON SPITS. However, why limit yourself to holiday only? When traveling through our country you will notice that inevitable part of the scenery are s, which have lambs and pork spit roasted in ember in front of the entrance. It is sold on a kilogram, and eaten with salads, and in wintertime with seasonal sour salads. Red wine will go with this kind of meat.

SUMADIJA VEAL CUTLET is prepared of veal – cutlets and Serbian cheese, tomato, bacon, curdled milk, potato, rice, and chili peppers. We recommend red wine with this dish.
Tradition of preserving meat by curing it created a habit of serving such meat in s. The most famous among them is SMOKED RAM STEAK separated from the bones, cut by the length and roasted on barbeque. It is served with Serbian salad. A glass of red wine will go marvelously with it.
Spring is the time of the transition from winter to fresh food. Favorite spring dish is LAMB KAPAMA. It is prepared of lamb meat stewed with stone leeks and leeks, with addition of fresh spinach. The dish is cooked, but can be put in the oven as well. It is served with curdled milk.
SERBIAN CASSEROLE is prepared with tomato, paprika, potato, rice, chili peppers, and pork cut in a small pieces and stewed with onions. The dish is baked in the oven afterwards. It is spicy and tasty and it will make you thirsty. Do not forget to pour yourself a glass of white wine.

For those in favor for lighter meals we recommend STUFFED ZUCCHINI. A hollow is made in immature zucchini, stuffed with rice and minced meat (lamb and pork), and then cooked with tomato and herbs. It is served with curdled milk. Nice Rose wine is the best combination with this dish!
For gourmets and those who love unusual dishes there is a VEAL HEAD IN TRIPE. You need a veal head, dark and white liver, and veal tripe. Cooked liver is fried with onions. A veal head is placed on a tripe, wrapped and sewed and roasted for 4-5 hours. It is served with salad and chili peppers with dry, white table wines.

BEANS is the most favorite domestic dish prepared in a lot of ways: from stew to baked, from just beans without anything else to the “army beans”. Beans are cooked with onions, bay leaves, chopped bacon or smoked pork bones, and roux in the end. A sausage, pork chops or something similar is usually served with beans. We recommend salad with it- cabbage or roasted peppers with oil and garlic. Spritzer or beer will taste good with it.
Sour cabbage is a traditional winter food. Still, you can eat it fresh as a salad or cooked in different ways. One of the dishes is PODVARAK. A head of cabbage is cut in pieces and fried with onions. Chopped bacon and fat are added to it. After baking it in oven it is usually served with roasted turkey or pork. It is a regular part of winter cosine. A glass of red wine goes well with it.
WEDDING CABBAGE is prepared in a large clay pots for a few hours. It is made of sour cabbage, fresh mutton, veal, and pork meat, cured meat and lot of onions and herbs (pepper, salt, bay leaves). Delicious dish that tastes well with red wine.
BOILED SHINS is a gourmet specialty prepared with herbs and served with horseradish. This dish should not be tasted without white wine or cold spritzer.
JAGNJECA SARMICA is prepared with white and dark lamb liver. Liver is cooked and cut in to small pieces. Then, rice, an egg, fried onions and herbs are added. This mixture is then wrapped in a lamb tripe and sauced with milk and eggs. It is roasted in the oven and served with cold curdled milk and a glass of white wine.
In Serbian cosine salads are served with dishes. Once, they were consumed seasonally. In wintertime, “tursija" (sour cabbage and pickled vegetables), and fresh vegetables during summer. Today, such seasonal menus do not exist anymore, but the tradition remains. Tomato, pepper, onion, and chili peppers are common ingredients of all mixed salads.
SERBIAN SALAD is made of all aforementioned vegetables with addition of oil, salad and fresh cucumbers. If we add some cheese to a salad, you will call it SOPSKA SALAD. They are both good, so whichever you choose it will not make a mistake! Peppers are eaten fresh, but quite often roasted as well. ROASTED PEPPERS is a salad made of long and pointy peppers with garlic, oil and vinegar. URNEBES SALAD is recommended for gourmets and lovers of spicy food. It is a crushed chili pepper mixed with cheese.
Standard offer in some s are fresh chili green peppers, while some will treat you with chili peppers with garlic and oil as soon as you arrive. In more intimate ambience, the main course could come with a salad called the COLD GARDEN. Whole tomato, pepper, peeled cucumber, stone leek and ice cubes are placed in an oval plate. Accept it – it only up to you what and how much you will eat.
AJVAR is roasted pepper and eggplant – after roasting ingredients are grinded, mixed and fried in oil. It is served with oil and garlic if preferred.
SOUR CABBAGE is mostly eaten in wintertime. A head of cabbage is cut in pieces, served with oil, and dried crushed red pepper. TURSIJA is a mix of pickled cucumbers, peppers, green tomato, cauliflowers, and carrots. This kind of salad is usually served with roasted meat. Don get surprised if salad is served with aperitif – homemade plum brandy. Sour cabbage is the best with good quality homemade brandy. Along with all these salads, you can order fresh cabbage salad, cooked beetroot, green salad with beans, string beans, celery, potatoes…
After a god lunch or dinner, over a glass of cold wine, you will be asked if you were for something sweet. Yes, of course! Serbia is famous producer and exporter of fruits, still, you will never get fresh fruits in domestic s, except as an ingredient of some cake.

Every Serbian that cares about its reputation must have a DRY NUTS PIE (a layer of specially made and slightly baked dough with a layer of nuts) on its menu. It is a refreshing sweet after a good meal, and the wine tastes better with it! Alternative to it are (nuts cut in to a small pieces mixed with sugar and eggs, in a shape of a horseshoe – known as Krusevac Viagra). If you do not care for nuts, there are PIES WITH APPLES, CHERRIES OR POPPY SEEDS (flour, oil, eggs, vanilla sugar, raisins, baker yeast, and of course, apples or cherries or poppy seeds).
PANCAKES are inevitable (flour, sugar, eggs, milk, oil). You can have them with nuts, jam, chocolate, gratinated, flambéed in wine château… In a more festive occasion, nuts, chocolate, butter, almonds, orange syrup, a touch of maraschino and cognac are added to pancakes which are light up in front of you to make FLAMBÉED PANCAKES.
At the end of your meal, before you pay, you will be offered a cup of coffee. Turkish or espresso? Go for Turkish coffee, since it is really a true Serbian coffee because it has never been prepared in such way in Turkey itself. Tell the waiter how would you like it, with more of less sugar, or just trust the cook and order a “regular” one.

Choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Krusevac’s s meets the highest demands no matter the origin of drinks’ producer. s that keep high quality of brandy and wine from their own cellars are the most famous ones.
We recommend some of the domestic drinks producers:
BRANDY made of natural ingredients (plums, grapes, herbs):
Prepecenica (brandy produced with 2 distillation processes, plum brandy, juniper brandy, grape brandy, herbal brandy, yellow gentian brandy…)
Prince Lazar, Princess Milica, Merlot, Kratosija, Plavac, Dingac, Vranac, Blatina, Ruzica, Rose...
Banat risling, Karlovac risling, Semion, Smederevka, Burgundy, Zilavka, Traminac...

MB, BG, Jelen, Vajfert, Pils, Lav...
Next, Nectar, Golf...
Knjaz Milos;, Rosa, Voda Voda, Aqua Viva...



Kajmakcalanska bb
Tel: 037/441-594

Colak Antina 22
Tel: 037/422-222
Majke Jugovica 27/1
Tel : 062/475-803

Colak Antina 5
Tel: 063/605-477

Dragomira Gajica 86
Tel: 037/3538-107


Restaurant pizzeria E.T.
Kajmakcalanska bb
Tel: 037/ 441-594

Restaurant pizzeria LATERNA
Dragomira Gajica 86
Tel: 037/ 3538-107, 065/5430-023

Restaurant KONAK
Radomira Jakovljevica 5
Tel: 037/443-410

Restaurant NAPREDAK
Stanka Gavrilovica bb
Tel: 037/402-555

Restaurant ETNO KUĆA
Balkanska 35
Tel: 037/422-244

Restaurant MERAKLIJA
Colak Antina 31
Tel: 037/439-637

Restaurant IDU DANI
Kneza Milosa bb
Tel: 037/462-255

Restaurant SRBIJA
Vidovdanska 152
Tel: 037/3500-990

Kosanciceva 18
Tel: 037/433-399

Restaurant POTKOVICA
Rasinskog udarnog bataljona bb
Tel: 037/430-993

Restaurant GEDZA
Tel: 037/480-333

Restaurant VERIGE
Cara Lazara 1
Tel: 037/3642-101

Restaurant NEŠVIL
Citluk - Mirka Tomica 21
Tel: 037/3642-107

Restaurant DONŽON KULA
Milicina 2
Tel: 037/427-211

Restaurant KOD LJUBE
Balkanska 50
Tel: 037/438-948

Restaurant PREROVO
Obiliceva 60
Tel: 037/443-326

Restaurant KRLE
Majke Jugovica 61
Tel: 037/443-103

"Dabi" Hotel

Dabi Hotel Dabi Hotel Dabi Hotel

“Dabi“ is a unique place where traditional hospitality values, pleasant staff, and contemporary business trends meet. It is located near the city centre in a quiet part of the town, in the vicinity of the Sports Centre (open and closed swimming pools, tennis courts, and balloon hall), 10 minutes of walk to all city attractions. “Dabi“ has the capacity of 120 beds grouped in single, double and three-bed rooms, 4 suites as well, cafe bar, and restaurant, congress hall of 70 seats suitable for seminaries, ceremonial hall with 200 seats, laundry room, and a fenced parking place secured by video surveillance. The room are comfortable and practical and all have free Wi-Fi connection. The restaurant offers a rich drink menu and dishes if national and international cosine.

Dostojevskog bb
Tel: +381 37/491-061; +381 37/491-688; +381 62/491-062
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Konak" Restaurant

Konak Restaurant Konak Restaurant Konak Restaurant

KONAK Restaurant is located in a wider city centre with its own parking space. It has 8 rooms and 2 suites, with total number of 28 beds. All rooms have air condition, bathroom, TV, telephone, and internet access. An ethno style designed restaurant with 90 seats is on the ground floor decorated with many authentic household items belonging to Mihajlovic family that has started its hospitality business 60 years ago in vine producing Zupa of Aleksandrovac. The roof of the building is a place of a newly built restaurant “Konak 2”, with capacity of 130 seats that tells a city story overlooking a beautiful landscape. Konak is famous for its national cosine, awarded on several occasions, and rich menu offers specialities such as: Zeljin steak, stewed lamb (lamb chops), classy pork prepared in a rural manner, and “Viagra of Carapani” (nickname for Krusevac citizens) and pancakes with almost everything for the dessert.

Nikole Tesle 5
Tel: +381 37/443-410
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Verige" Restaurant"

Verige Restaurant Verige Restaurant Verige Restaurant

Verige Restaurant with rooms for rent is exclusively furnished place at the outskirts of Krusevac, at crossroads of Krusevac and Aleksandrovac, and Krusevac and Vrnjacka Banja Spa. It will offer you a complete pleasure, and guests are the ones who rate the quality and assortment of food, drinks, service, ambience, and hygiene.

"VERIGE” Restaurant has the best national and international dishes prepared for you, accompanied by various domestic and foreign drinks. It offers great possibilities for organizing different ceremonies, presentations, weddings, seminaries, business lunches, and other types of celebrations. The restaurant can host 200 guests, and up to 320 for larger celebrations. Parking place is also at your disposal. "VERIGE" will accommodate you in its single, double, three and four bed rooms, with total of 23 beds. Rooms have air condition, bathroom, TV, internet acces and room service open 24/7.

Make your stay worry-free and pleasant at Verige Restaurant!

Cara Lazara 383, 37208 Citluk, Krusevac
Tel: +381 37/36-42-101; +381 37/36-42-380; +381 63/77-56-760
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Babiko EX" Restaurant

Babiko EX Restaurant Babiko EX Restaurant Babiko EX Restaurant

“Babiko EX“was opened in 2004. It is located at the outskirts of Krusevac, 3 km away from the city centre, at the high-way Krusevac – Vrnjacka Banja Spa – Kraljevo, in residential area of Citluk. Thirteen years long business tradition speaks for itself and our quality. Within the restaurant there is a small ceremonial hall for 250 guests, suitable for bigger and smaller events from 10 to 250 visitors. All our guests can enjoy the summerhouse, having the parking place at their disposal as well. “Babiko EX“ Krusevac offers 12 rooms, each one having a balcony, bathroom, air condition, free Wi-Fi, and cable TV. Rooms are divided in to single, double, three and four bed rooms.

Cara Lazara 474, Citluk Krusevac
Tel: +381 37/692-702
+381 63/7730-968
+381 66/202-615
+381 65/953-8-619
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Saradis” Restaurant

Saradis Restaurant Saradis Restaurant Saradis Restaurant

Saradis Restaurant offers 44 beds (+additional 10). Rooms are furnished by the latest fashion and have free Wi-Fi, safe, and DVD player. The restaurant also offers a big dining hall for 600 guests, and a smaller one for 130 guests. There is a parking place for 350 vehicles with video surveillance and security guard as well.

Istočna obilaznica b.b.
Accommodation: 063/663-108
Restaurant: 065/54-444-74

"Nesvil" Restaurant"

Slovenska 21, Citluk Krusevac
Tel: +381 37/36-42-107
+381 63/78-20-781
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Slavoljub Milicevic Village House– Bela Voda

Slavoljub Milicevic Village House– Bela Voda Slavoljub Milicevic Village House– Bela Voda Slavoljub Milicevic Village House– Bela Voda

Slavoljub Milicevic house is Bela Voda village (178m), 14km from Krusevac, in the north-west direction toward the town of Trstenik. It is situated underneath Zmajinac hill (397m) in the central part of Serbia, on the southern slopes of Sumadija, between Gledicke Mountains and the Zapadna Morava river, 205km south of Belgrade, 35km from Beograd-Nis highway. The house can be reached by asphalt paved road. Bela Voda village is surrounded by invaluable natural beauties. Vast forests and recreational courts, well known Bela Voda sandstone, and healing mineral sprongs are among them.

Agriculture is the main activity of the residents, while tourism is secondary branch and it’s not a predominant source of livelihood for families. Villagers are traditionally known as stonemasons and builders, since every village is rich with inexhaustible treasure – the sandstone of Bela Voda- which has been used for centuries for the construction of sacral and religious buildings. The most famous medieval objects of Morava Architecture School (Lazarica, Naupara, Ljibostinja, Kelnic churches) were built of this stone, as well as many other churches in the country and abroad. The house of Slavoljub Milicevic offers 6 rooms and 6 beds for accommodation of gusts. Besides bedrooms, guests are free to use the living room and the kitchen equipped with all necessary household. In case you do not feel like cooking, your hosts are willing to prepare all the meals for you.

For reservations and detailed information, please contact the Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac. Telephone: +381 37/445-180, email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ribare, Ribarska Banja Spa

Rural Tourism Private Accommodation - Villa Zorica

Villa has 3 twin rooms and 1 triple room with bathroom, 2 twin studios and 2 triple studios. Villa is equipped with air-condition and Wi-Fi, restaurant and bike rentals.

Phone: +381628025964, Zorica Vukojcic


Srndalje, Ribarska Banja Spa

Rural Tourism Private Accommodation - Mali raj

Villa offers 2 twin rooms with shared bathroom. Kitchen, Wi-Fi, and heating are always available to guests, and it stands out by being pet friendly.

Phone: +38169645232, Stanojevic Zlata


Srndalje, Ribarska Banja Spa

Ethic restaurant Pastrmka -Srndalje

Studio accommodates 4 persons, with kitchen, restaurant, heating, and it is also available for tourists with pets.

Phone: +381644011107, Stevanovic Jugoslav


Ribare, Ribarska Banja

Rural Tourism Private Accommodation - Zeleni dvor Ribarska Banja

It has 15 twin rooms with bathroom, air-condition, kitchen, and Wi-Fi.

Phone: +38169/4442061, Arsenijevic Aleksandra


Hotel "Golf" ***

hotel golf hotel golf hotel golf

The hotel is located in a peaceful part of town, 2 km away from the centre, outside of city jam and noise. Rooms and suites can accommodate 90 guests, while the single-level restaurant has 300 visitors’ capacity and 190 guests in the other two-floors restaurant. The hotel has spacious rooms equipped by the highest international standards: comfortable beds, air condition, mini bar, safe, telephone, free Wi-Fi, balcony, security system, while each bathroom contains either Jacuzzi bath or shower cabin with massagers, hair dryer... Guests can use an elevator inside the hotel, but also the currency exchange office, aperitif bar, restaurant, parking place, Rent-a Car, modern gym, and sauna, massage parlour, hairdresser and medical services, and a pool. The hotel offers a possibility of rented car pick up from the airport. Golf Hotel is 200 km away from Belgrade airport, 80 km from Nis and Kopaonik.

Gavrila Principa 74
Tel +381 37 460-563
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotel "Rubin" ***

Note: Due to current renovations the hotel is temporarily closed.

hotel rubin hotel rubin hotel rubin

The hotel is located in the very centre of a town, near the medieval Prince Lazar’s Town, Post Office, and main Bus Station. It has 9 floors, 97 rooms, and 4 suites. All rooms have bathrooms, central heating, and phone lines with direct connection from a room, as well as internet access. Rooms on the first floor are of higher category with antique furniture, mini bar, room alarm... Rubin Hotel also offers: restaurant (120 chairs), large room (300 chairs), pastry shop (60 chairs), white saloon (30 chairs), banquette hall (80 chairs), TV room, bingo hall, currency exchange office, and parking place. City Brew Pub operates within the hotel. Hotel offers possibility of congress, counselling, seminaries, presentations, educations, and promotions organizing, accommodation of foreign and domestic tourists in transit, groups organized for visits to European cultural heritage, accommodation of sports teams, students’ excursions.

Nemanjina 2
Tel +381 37 425-535; +381 65 607-60-17 

Bed & Breakfast Hotel "Biser" **

Bed & Breakfast Hotel Biser Bed & Breakfast Hotel Biser Bed & Breakfast Hotel Biser

Biser (Pearl in English) is a right name for this elegant building near the centre of Krusevac, right next to medieval Town of Krusevac underneath the Bagdala Hill. Biser Villa offers to its refined taste guests 3 suites, 9 luxurious single-bed room and 3 typical double-bed rooms. All suites and rooms have air condition, LCD TVs, direct telephone and internet lines, safes, mini bars... Biser Villa, as a bed & breakfast object, offers accommodation with buffet type of breakfast. Elegant dining room of a restaurant is suitable for presentations, mini seminaries, and promotions. Biser Villa also has a cafe and a bar.

Kosovska 18
Tel: +381 37 421-606; +381 37 421-610; +381 37 421-611
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bed & Breakfast Hotel "City" **

Bed & Breakfast Hotel City Bed & Breakfast Hotel City Bed & Breakfast Hotel City

The "City" is located in the very centre of a town. It takes only a few minutes’ walk to get to the business part of the town and the most popular tourist attractions. Aside from attractive locations, nice and cosy rooms and friendly staff will guarantee your pleasant stay. The “City" has 5 double-bed rooms, 2 three-bed rooms, 2 four-bed rooms, and 2 suites. All rooms have air condition, new LED TVs, cable television, internet access, and telephones. Services: accommodation and buffet type of breakfast, cafe, bar, TV room, and banquette room available for rent, parking place with video surveillance, Wi-Fi.

Veselina Nikolica 18
Tel: +381 37 350-21-00; +381 37 405-110
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bed & Breakfast Hotel "Nicolo & Spa" **

Bed & Breakfast Hotell Nicolo 037 Bed & Breakfast Hotel Nicolo 037 Bed & Breakfast Hotel Nicolo 037

Bed & Breakfast Hotel Nicolo & Spa has 20 luxuriously furnished rooms – 14 single-bed rooms, 6 double-bed rooms- a restaurant, supervised parking place for motorcycles, vehicles, and truck. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, air condition, LCD cable television and injury alarm system in bathrooms. Our reception desk is available to you 24/7. The hotel is located in the industrial part of the town, 3 km away from the city centre, along the Pojate – Preljina highway. Nicolo 037 has a adequate room for meetings, presentations, seminaries, and other types of gathering for marketing purposes. Our staff can pick you up from or take you to the airport, take to sightseeing tours around tourist and historical monuments of this part of Serbia, or do whatever it takes to make your stay in our hotel the most pleasurable as it could be. We also offer bicycles and scooters for rent if needed for out of town trips. There is a parking place for motorcycles and vehicles with carwash available for our visitors. In the vicinity of the hotel there is a park where you can relax, work on your lap-top, enjoy house wines or some good coffee.

Jasicki put 76g
Tel: +381 37 448-660
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hostel "Lukas"

Private Accommodation in Krusevac Lukas Private Accommodation in Krusevac Lukas Private Accommodation in Krusevac Lukas

Hostel LUKAS is one of the newest objects of this kind that provide accommodation services in Krusevac. It was opened in April 2014 and stands out with its elegant and modern interior. LUKAS Hostel is located in part of the town called Stara carsija, only 10 minutes away long walk se to downtown area making all historical sites at a palm of your hand. The hostel is open all year around. Hostel rooms provide closets and nights tables that have a lock, but also free Wi-Fi, clean sheets, bathroom and parking place. Check in from 00 – 24h. Hostel LUKAS has a capacity of 20 beds.
It is located in Cara Lazara St. (Stara carsija), on a road to Vrnjacka Banja Spa – Kraljevo.

hostel lukas logo

Make your reservations at:
Tel: +381 37 3 500 588; +381 65 3 500 588
Make your reservations by email-a:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Cara Lazara 198, Krusevac

Boarding House „Sleep & go“

Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Sleep&Go Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Sleep&Go Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Sleep&Go

Boarding House Sleep & go“is in Krusevac, at Lomina St. No#4. Each room has a flat TV, cable television, free WI-Fi ,air-condition and bathroom. This boarding house is one of the best located ones in Krusevac!

Boarding House Sleep & Go
Tel. +381 63 160 74 53 
Lomina 2, Krusevac

Stankovic Jelica

Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Jelica Stankovic Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Jelica Stankovic Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Jelica Stankovic

This house is located in Prnjavor settlement at the banks of the Rasina River. It has one double-bed room, six three-bed rooms and three bathrooms. All accommodation parts have separate entrances and cable TV. Meals could be provided as well.

Tel. +381 63 744 54 62

Apartment Centre

Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Apartment Centre Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Apartment Centre Private Accommodation in Krusevac - Apartment Centre

60 m2 apartment in the very centre of the city – 150m from the Monument to Kosovo Heroes. The apartment includes: bedroom, living room with corner sofa that can be pulled out and used as additional bed, bathroom with clean towels and shower cabin, hallway with shoe chest, and completely equipped kitchen. Wi-Fi is also available, as well as hair dryer, iron, slippers, and baby crib can be added at request free of charge. Spacious patio with set of table and chairs and fountain are in nicely decorated garden.

Apartment Ivana Krstic
Tel. +381 66 800-49-03
Balkanska 48, Krusevac



Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac

Majke Jugovica 3, 37000 Krusevac

+381 37 445 180

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

Contact TIC

Tourist Information Centre

Trg Kosovskih junaka br.6

+381 37 44 11 33

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00-20:00

Saturday: 09:00-15:00