Hotel "Trayal" **

Hotel Trayal Hotel Trayal Hotel Trayal Hotel Trayal Hotel Trayal Hotel Trayal

Once upon a time a hawk built a nest high upon a mountain summit. It was carrying branches in his beak; seeds from it were falling on the ground. Time passed and high trees grew out and the mountain got its name Jastrebac (jastreb – Serbian word for hawk). Josif Pancic called Jastrebac the most forested mountain in Serbia. It is also known as the dragon mountain and the cradle of dragon heroes. Legend has it that despot Stefan Lazarevic, Milos Obilic and Marko Kraljevic came from the line of dragons. It takes only 15 minutes drive on a good road to reach picnic place and artificial lake that lie on 650 meters of altitude. Jastrebac has very favourable climatic conditions and thanks to it the mountain offers many possibilities for relaxation and mountaineering. Special attraction of Jastrebac is its picnic area and artificial lake. The symbol of Jastrebac is “Villa Trayal”, which offers 40 beds in 3 suites, 4 double-bed rooms, and 8 three-bed rooms with bathrooms. Two ceremonial rooms, appropriate for meetings and presentations, but for festive events as well, are also at your disposal. The food is great, and young staff will do everything to make you feel at home. Specialities that we could recommend are game stew and lot of healthy and tasty food. Villa Trayal- renowned and full of programs for outdoor play for the younger ones, make it interesting and favourable among parents with kids, but as well as for the ones seeking nature surrounded peace. Benches are placed nearby where you can take a break during the walk. There is also a mineral water spring near the villa by which this area is known for. Across the bridge on the lake there are basketball and football terrains. Jastrebac is calling you! Visit our most forested mountain in Serbia!

Tel: +381 37 31 02 077; +381 64 85 85 710
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Hotel manager
Vladica Milutinovic

Hotel & Restaurant "Idila"

Hotel & Restaurant Idila Hotel & Restaurant Idila Hotel & Restaurant Idila Hotel & Restaurant Idila Hotel & Restaurant Idila Hotel & Restaurant Idila

Twenty kilometres away from Krusevac there is a hidden mountain, a green oasis of peace and quiet – the mountain of Jastrebac. Villa “Idila” offers warm hospitality and memorable moments. Morning coffee at large balcony and view of the hill under the conifer trees create that unique feeling of inner stillness. Villa “Idila” offers 44 beds in 2 suites, 2 single-bed rooms, 8 double-bed rooms and 7 three-bed rooms with bathrooms. Former Villa Merima, now called “Idila”, provides you with great cosine and accommodation - specialities like turkey in Tartuffe sauce with gnocchi and nettle soup. So, if your health is considered a priority No1 this is the right place to refresh and recharge yourself on the fresh, mountainous air. If rain of snow catches you by surprise, the villa offers indoor activities like playing pool or table soccer, but there is also a smaller banquette room where seminaries and meetings are held. I wish we could all go along the path worth living for. Because, where untouched nature, forests, streams lie there will be moments that inspire us... there, we will breath in health in its fullest. The nature is waiting for us to come back to it. So, off you go... with mountaineers, family, friends...

Tel: +381 37 31 02 077; +381 64 85 85 710
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Hotel manager
Vladica Milutinovic

Mountain Hut "Zarko Zarić"

Mountain Hut Mountain Hut Mountain Hut

It is located on Nastovacka slopes at 521 of altitude, 22 km away from Krusevac. The hut was adapted and renovated on several occasions. Today, it is a big mountain house with a large room suitable for daily rest and having lunch, and a smaller one for other purposes, and kitchen equipped with appliances. It can accommodate more than 60 persons, and it has electrical lighting, water supplied from its own water distribution network, central heating and telephone line. The hut can be reached by bus or by a car.

Tel: +381 64 32 484 52


KM turist
Jug Bogdanova 39
Tel: +381 +37 449 720



Special Hospital "Ribarska Banja"

Special Hospital Ribarska Banja Special Hospital Ribarska Banja Special Hospital Ribarska Banja

Special Hospital Ribarska Banja has 510 available beds, 230 of which being used for health services within the health system of Serbia, while the remaining 280 are placed at the free market. In villas - Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Vojvodina, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Pogled, along room with single, double and three beds, there are also standard and de luxe apartments. New and modern spa centre was built on the remains of an old Turkish hammam from the 17th century.

37205 Ribarska Banja
Tel: +381 37 865 263
Fax: +381 37 865 129

Info and bookings
Tel: +381 37 865 120, +381 37 865 270, +381 63 87 82 886
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Villa "Di Lusso"

Villa Di Lusso Villa Di Lusso Villa Di Lusso

Vila Di Lusso is a modern building in the vicinity of the Special hospital “Ribarska Banja” (300 m) that will most surely meet all your needs of comfortable and pleasant stay in this spa and climatic healing place. Villa Di Lusso offers 60 beds in double bedrooms and apartments with bathrooms. Each room has its own balcony, TV (cable TV) and WiFi. Visitors have a restaurant, parking space and elevator at their disposal. Ribarska Banja is a spa and climatic resort situated at the slopes of Jastrebac Mountain at 540m of height, and in the valley of the Ribare River. It ils located in the central part of Serbia in Rasina District, 220km from Belgrade, 35km away from Krusevac, and 72km from Nis. Treat yourself with a luxurious vacation in Villa Di Lusso.

Tel: +381 37 865 125, +381 66 202 101
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Villa "Janus"

Vila Janus Vila Janus Vila Janus

Vila Janus is greeting you at the very entrance to Ribarska Banja Spa and is only 600m away from the very centre of the Special Hospital “Ribarska Banja”. The villa was built in 2006. It has 50 beds in four apartments for 3 guests, one apartment for four persons, fourteen double-bed rooms, and two four-bed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, cable TV, internet, central heating, and air-condition. Janus Reastaurant, next to the villa, was built in ethno style. The restaurant offers its services to guests of Janus Villa and to regular visitors of the Spa. Traditional cuisines you may try in this restaurant are made of products cultivated on the farm which belongs to the owner of the villa and the restaurant Janus. The prices are great, and if you happen to visit the restaurant with your friends during the weekend nights, you will enjoy your time here with live bands.

Tel: +381 37 476 476; +381 64 20 60 883; +381 64 51 37 449

Villa "Marija"

Villa Marija Ribarska Banja Villa Marija Ribarska Banja Villa Marija Ribarska Banja

Villa Marija in Ribarska Banja Spa is a modern and luxurious object only 700m away from the Special Hospital. It was built in 2010. Villa Marija offers 4 studios, one apartment, one single-bed room, and 2 double-bed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, central heating, cable TV. It also has its own restaurant with large balcony. Guests have a parking place reserved for them in front of the villa.

Ribarska Banja
Tel: +381 69 10 12 949

"Ribarski konaci"

Ribarski konaci Ribarska Banja Ribarski konaci Ribarska Banja Ribarski konaci Ribarska Banja

All rooms have separate bathrooms, LCD TV and free Wi-Fi. A kitchen build by the standards of the renowned chefs is also at your disposal. Within Ribarski Konaci there is a herbal pharmacy where you will find products made after traditional herbal recipes of proven efficiency.

Tel: +381 66 00 50 55; +381 65 99 037 19


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Position in SerbiaThe City of Krusevac is situated in the central part of the Republic of Serbia. It covers the most southern parts of the Panonnian brims and the part of Panonnian Serbia. Krusevac lies in valleys of the Zapadna Morava, Rasina, Pepeljusa, and Ribare Rivers, and between mountains of Jastrebac, slopes of Kopaonik and Zeljin, and between ojsinje slopes of Gledicke Mountains. Krusevac Municipality borders Varvarin Municipality on the north, with Cicevac and Razanj municipalities on the north-eastern side, Aleksinac Municipality on the east, Prokuplje and Blace on the south, while it borders Brus, Aleksandrovac, and Trstenik municipalities on the south-western and western side.

Distance from the highway E75 - 27km

Distance from the larger cities in Serbia:

Belgrade  - 196 km
("Nikola Tesla" Airport, river port Belgrade)
Nis - 80 km
("Konstantin Veliki" Airport)
Kragujevac - 120 km
Novi Sad - 290 km





Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac

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Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

Contact TIC

Tourist Information Centre

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