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Only 20 kilometers away from the old Serbian capital of Krusevac, a natural bastion rises above as a home of the greatest Serbian epic dragon – the Dragon of Jastrebac.

This destination deserves that you spent at least part of your vacation here for its position, beauty, and benefits it offers to all hikers, mountaineers, bicyclers, sky runners, orienteers, and active vacations lovers.

It only takes to type in Jastrebac Lake Resort in the GPS and a vehicle will take to the very heart of entrance to this, almost forgotten, heaven, the famous Mountain from the novel of one of the greatest Serbian writers from the 20th century – Dobrica Cosic.

Across the little bridge and after another turn a view of modern sports terrains, lake and fast growing tourist complex around it opens up, famous for incredibly good national and international cosine, first class accommodation, proven choice of superior autochthonic domestic wines, and great opportunities it offers for organization of professional seminaries, skills’ courses, workshops, team buildingS, and field trips, along with spectacular weddings and other family reunions. Two residential objects – Trayal Hotel and Merima are within the resort itself.

Comfortably placed between the lake and the mountain slope, Trayal Hotel started to work in 1961. It offers 12 rooms and 3 apartments with total capacity of 38 beds. Every room has a strong Wi-Fi signal and cable TV. Along with all other advantages needed for active mountain vacation, the hotel offers 4 representative boardrooms for different types of seminaries, celebrations, and gatherings: “Krusevac Room“ with capacity of 100 seats, “Congress room” (35), “Belgrade Room“ (25), and “ Golden Saloon” (16), with grand summer terrace (250).

Within the hotel complex there is a standalone summerhouse with terrace with outstanding panoramic view.

Since 1961, Villa Idila overviews the lake itself, situated only 50 steps from the Trayal Hotel. Its unique beauty and perfect harmony with nature of Jastrebac has been glorified for decades in works of art by numerous artists – painters and photographers. Villa’s interior also captures with its commodity and the quality of service. Idila has 17 rooms and 2 apartments with 55 beds of total capacity. The villa also offers two boardrooms: the “Grand Room“(with 80 seats) and the “Congress Room” (40), as well as pool hall.

Two summer terraces (with 80 and 40 seats), just above the lake, give you the pleasure of enjoying the fresh air and incredible view.

Alongside and just beneath the villa, lies in all its vivid beauty -by the words of creators themselves - the most naturally fit in Adventure Park in this part of the world, made of four units: Children Adventure Park, Zip Line across the lake (unique experience), training rock for alpinists with required attests to hold international competitions in free climbing, and the Great Adventure Trail in two levels, complicated even for passionate adventurers. Diversely equipped souvenir shop is within the Park.

Jastrebac is the highest mountain in vicinity of Krusevac that can be reached passing through villages of Golovode, Lomnica, and Buci. It has significant tourist potential. Vast plateau with artificial accumulation lies at 650 m altitude and it is situated 20km away from Krusevac. Jastrebac is an old mountain that existed in the Tertiary Period and rose above the Tertiary Sea as a large island. The highest summits, «Djulica» at 1491m, and «Pogled» at 1481 m, form a natural borderline between Toplica River and Pomoravlje Region.

Jastrebac Mountain has favourable climatic conditions (insolation throughout the year, fresh aerial currents, and unpolluted environment) and thanks to such mild climate and diversity of flora and fauna the mountain offers excellent opportunities for relaxation and mountaineering. Jastrebac area is very attractive for all nature lovers- alpinists, scouts, mountain bikers, etc.
Jastrebac is the most forested mountain in this part of the Balkans. It is characteristic for its deciduous and periwinkle forests and it is a unique habitat of white birches. The mountain has to offer useful forest fruits and herbs making it a true heaven for mushroom hunters and herbs gatherers.

Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure Jastrebac adventure

Ribarska Banja Spa je one of the oldest spas in the South-East Balkans. In 1833, during the rule of Prince Milos ,It one of the first six spas that were rehabilitated.

Warm and healing waters of Ribarska Banja Spa have been used since the ancient history. During the Roman era, on the site of today’s Ribarska Banja, there was a fortress of Roman colonists. Taking after Greeks, a cult of beauty and health was nurtured throughout the entire Roman empire, which was mainly maintained by the use of healing waters. Historical records show that, in time of his maturity, Ribarska Banja (Zagrlatska Zupa) came in to possession of Serbian prefect (zupan) Stefan Nemanja. Princess Milica and her entourage visited the healing springs of Ribarska Banja, and the story tells of remarkable beauty of village girls who stayed beautiful even in the older age and their secret was washing their faces at the springs of the Ribare River.

Numerous people of Serbian crown visited and stayed in Ribarska Banja. Still, the most beloved and the most frequent guest of the Spa was the King Peter I who tried to find relief from his gout right here. King Peter resided at the first floor of Villa Serbia. At this place, on May 25, 1913, he signed the Declaration of unification of Kosovo and Metohija with the mainland, Kingdom of Serbia. As a token of their love and respect for their king, people of Ribarska Banja build the special stairs, known as “the royal stairs”, which made ascending easier for him.

During the rule of Prince Milos, the first chemical analysis of Ribarska Banja Spa’s water was done in 1834, in the laboratory of School of Medicine in Vienna. The dearest guest of today, the one, who often visits Ribarska Banja, is most certainly Her Royal Highness Princes Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic. Because of these numerous visits of royals and royal families Ribarska Banja holds the title of the royal spa.

Every year, 20000 people visit Ribarska Banja due to health but also recreational needs. Following the international trends and their visitors’ needs, the management of Ribarska Banja Spa, renovated and extended the old Turkis bath, dating from 16th century. This way the WELLNESS AND SPA Program was improved offering new contexts. The Salt room and the cave, steam bathroom, Queen Draga’s bathtub, saunas, luxurious massage rooms, Jacuzzi, open and closed swimming pools, and before all, the old Turkish bath, make your stay in the Centre unforgettable.

For all lovers of traditional cuisine and local specialties, we recommend an ethno restaurant in the village of Srndalje that you can reach by clear,1800 meters long, mountain road.

Tennis court and beach volleyball court, small Aqua Park and children playground are only a small portion of Sports and Recreational Centre “Samar” that has started working on June 1, 2019.

Sports and Recreational Centre Samar Sports and Recreational Centre Samar Sports and Recreational Centre Samar Sports and Recreational Centre Samar Ribarska Banja Spa Ribarska Banja Spa Ribarska Banja Spa Ribarska Banja Spa Ribarska Banja Spa Ribarska Banja Spa


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The City of Krusevac covers an area of 854 km², encompassing 101 settlements with over 145,000 inhabitants. The city itself, as an urban area, has the population of 65,000 citizens.
Krusevac is the centre of the Rasina Administrative District which includes municipalities of Aleksandrovac, Brus, Varvarin, Trstenik, and Cicevac.

As a town of a rich tradition and several centuries long history, a medieval Serbian capital once, Krusevac of today represents a modern city, economical, administrative, educational, informational, and sports centre significant for the Rasina District and the Republic of Serbia.

Geo-morphological and climatic characteristics: 
- Mostly highland area with smaller basins in rivers valleys
- Average altitude is 300m
- Average temperature is 11ºC
- Relative humidity 66-83%

Natural Resources:

Forests cover approximately 35% of the City’s area. The largest forests are on the Jastrebac Mountain which is the most forested mountain in the whole Balkans.
The territory of Krusevac is also known for its significant mineral and geo-thermal springs (Bela Voda, Ribarska Banja, Lomnica, Zabare, Čitluk).
Construction material (pebble, sand, and stone) can be found in river valleys, and Bela Voda is famous for its high quality sandstone.

International Cooperation with Cities:

Krusevac, as the only town on the Balkans, is awarded with “Peace Messenger City” and “Peace Medal” and has a longstanding international cooperation with twin cities: - Pistoia, Italy
- Trogir, Croatia
- Corfu, Greece
- Szentendre, Hungary
-Kiryat Gat, Israel
- RamnikuValcea, Romania
- Bijeljina, RepublikaSrpska ( Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- Zalec, Slovenia
- Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
- Volgograd, Russia

Geographical characteristics

Krusevac Municipality is situated in the central part of the Republic of Serbia. It covers the most southern part of the Panonian Basin and area between the Panonian Basin and Dinarides in Serbia. It has an area of 854km2, with 101 settlements divided in to 52 local communities and 20 administrative offices. The municipality lies in the valleys of Zapadna Morava, Rasina, Pepeljusa, and Ribare rivers, between Jastrebac, part of Kopaonik, and Zeljin mountains, and partly between the slops of Mojsinje Mountain and Gledic Mountais. Krusevac Municipality borders with Varvarin Municipality on the North, Cicevac and Razanj municipalities on the North-East, Aleksinac municipality on the East, municipalities of Prokuplje and Blace on the South side, and Brus, Aleksandrovac, and Trstenilk municipalities on the South-West and the West side. According to census from 2002, this area has the population of 137,371 inhabitants. Krusevac Municipality is the centre of the Rasina Administrative District that also includes municipalities of Aleksandrovac, Brus, Varvarin, Trstenik i Cicevac.
Krusevac lies in Krusevac Basin that encompasses composite valley of the Zapadna Morava River, and between Levča and Temnic on the North, Zupa, Kopaonik, and Jastrebac on the South, Kraljevo Basin and the valley of the Ibar River on the West. Krusevac Municipality covers an area of 854 km2. The city is located at 43.58° North and 21.32° East geographical coordinates.


Trayal - Hotel
Jastrebac Hotel Trayal is open to all visitors of this mountain, the true lovers of nature - hunters, hikers, scouts, mountain bikers, as well as those who want a comfortable and pleasant holiday.
The hotel is located on the mountain Jastrebac, near Kruševac, at an altitude of 650 meters.
It has good accommodation capacity - 12 rooms, 3 suites, auditorium, conference hall, restaurant, cocktail bar, summer garden and terrace, sports grounds.
Besides accommodation in comfortable rooms with Total TV, hotel guests can also use the cocktail bar and restaurant with a rich menu from 07h to 23h, as well as the parking space.
The hotel has capacities for organizing seminars, conferences, presentations, meetings, business lunches, banquets and cocktails.
It is surrounded by beautiful nature and walking and mountain biking trails, and for the lovers of hunting and fishing on the mountain there is the hunting ground and the lake.

Mountain Home "Žarko Žaric"
Located on the Nastovačka slope at an altitude of 521 m, at about 22 km from Kruševac. The home has been repeatedly adapted and extended. Now it is a great mountain home that has a large hall for dining and living room, a small hall for the other needs, a large kitchen with the necessary equipment. Rooms can accommodate more than 60 people, it has electric light, water from its own water supply, central heating and a telephone line. It can be easily reached by bus or by car from Kruševac.

Ribarska Banja - Special Hospital
Special Hospital Ribarska Banja has 510 beds, out of which 230 are in the system of health institutions of Serbia, while the remaining 280 are in the free market.
The villas Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Vojvodina, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Pogled, in addition to single, double and triple rooms, also offer the standard and luxury suites.
A modern spa centre was built on the foundations of the old Turkish bath from the 17th century .

Janus Villa
Villa Janus is a modern facility built in 2006 with a large parking area for guests. The accommodation capacity is 50 beds in luxury rooms category A (four stars). Each room has a modern fitted bathroom, TV with local and satellite channels and a terrace with a beautiful view of the slopes of the Great Jastrebac mountain. For your specific requirements friendly staff is at your service throughout the day. Meals are provided in our own restaurant, which meets the needs of all guests, and the menu includes local and international specialties.
Villa Janus is located at the entrance to Ribarska Spa, next to the main road. And one more thing to contribute to your more pleasant stay, besides the pristine nature and fresh air, is a natural stone fountain with a waterfall.

"Simić" Villa
The "Simić" villa, surrounded by beautiful nature, has 6 double, comfortable rooms. Guests can use the parking space, internet, cable TV, kitchen with necessary utensils, and the spacious backyard. If guests do not own a car, transportation to the Special Hospital "Ribarska Banja" is available.

Slavo accommodation
Slavo accommodation is 800 m away from the Special Hospital "Ribarska Banja”, and has 3 double bedrooms. The guests have the kitchen, bathroom, internet and parking space at their disposal. Mr. Slavoljub Stojanović and his charming wife will take care of your pleasant stay.


Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac

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Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

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Tourist Information Centre

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