Delta MC
Jasicki put bb
Phone: 037/432-996, 037/441-493

Phone: 037/3653-101

Auto – moto servis
Serafima Negotinca 2
Phone: 037/421-987

Auto – centar „ZR BANE
Bruski put bb
Phone: 069/4481-504

 BOSS LOGISTIKA-Bosch car service
Jasicki put bb (Kod Toplane)
Phone: 037/3501-801, 065/4242-824

Bruski put bb
Phone: 037/480-242, 063/601-327


  Hotel „Golf“

Gavrila Principa 74, Krusevac
   Phone: 037/3462-820
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





First (red) zone

Nemanjina St. – from Gazimestanska St. to Obiliceva St.
Nova Obiliceva St. - from Nemanjina St. to Despot Stefan Square
Gazimestanska St. - from Vidovdanska St. to Sindjeliceva St.
Vidovdanska St.- from Takovska St. to Kosovskih Junaka Square
Toplicina St. - from Vidovdanska St. to Kosanciceva St.


Second (yellow) zone

Nemanjina St - from Obiliceva St. to Kosovska St.
Jugoviceva St. - from Vladetina St. to Milicina St.
Vladetina St - from Jaksiceve St. to Jugoviceva St.
Gazimestanska St. - from Sindjeliceva St. to Jug Bogdanovs St.
Sindjeliceva St - from Gazimestanska St. to Karadziceva St.
Rajiceva St.
Balkanska St. - from Colak Antina St. to Dusanova St.
Takovska St. - from Vidovdanska St. to Dusanova St.
Obiliceva St. - from Toplicina St. to Nemanjina St.
Veselina Nikolica St.- from Toplicina St. to Majke Jugovica St.
Kajmakcalanska St.- from Kosanciceva St. to Obiliceva St.
Kosanciceva St.
Toplicina St.- from Kosanciceva St. to Obiliceva St.
Lomina St. - from Vidovdanska St. to Branka Perisica St.
Vidovdanska St. - from Lomina St. to Branka Perisica St.
Dositejeva St.- from Konstantina Filozofa St. to Kosturnica Square
Obiliceva St. - from Toplicina St. to Kosturnica Square
Konstantina Filozofa St. - from Dositejeva St. to Kosanciceva St.
Vidovdanska St. - from Branka Perisica St. to Dusanova St.
Bircaninova St. - from Vidovdanska St. to Porucnika Bozidara St.
Dusanova St.
Vidovdanska St. - from Dusanova St. to Lomnicke Borbe St.
Porucnika Bozidara St.- from Dusanova St. to Vidovdanska St.
Aljendova St.- from Porucnika Bozidara St. to Lomnicke Borbe St.
Dragomira Gajica St. - from Porucnika Bozidara St. to Aleksandra F. St.
Porucnika Bozidara St. - from Hajduk Veljkova St. to Bircaninova St.
Hajduk Veljkova St. - from Porucnika Bozidara St. to Dostojevski St.
Cara Lazara St. – from Cankareva to Trg Mira (Peace Square)
Jug Bogdana St. – from Trg Mira to Bus Station
Vojvode Putnika St.- from Kosovska St. to Despota Ugljesa St.
Colak Antina St. - from Takovska St. to Balkanska St.
Kosovska St. - from Pecka St. to Luke Ivanovica St.
Cupiceva - from Balkanska St. to Sumatovacka St.
Sumatovacka St.
Drinciceva St.
Prizrenska St.
Ilocki trg (Ilok Square)

Despot Stefan Square
Oktobarske Revol Square- from "Dunav" to Konstantina Filozofa St.
Kostumica Square
Parking lot Krusevac Cinema
Pasaz (Passage) I
Pasaz (Passage) II
Cesalj 1 and 2
Cesalj 3 and 4


"Next taxi"
Tel: 037/43-43-43
Mob: 063/44-33-37

"Boss taxi"
Tel: 037/444-555, 037/44-55-66

"Urban taxi"
Tel: 037/499-499, 037/499-599

"Mega taxi"
Tel: 037/46-46-46

"Euro taxi"
Tel: 037/49-49-49

"Star taxi"
Tel: 037/444-999
Mob: 066/6-444-999

"Kruna taxi"
Tel: 037/3-500-500
Mob: 065/3-500-500

Tel: 037/492-492
Mob: 066/492-492



Bus – Bus Station Krusevac
      Jug Bogdanova bb
                     Phone: 037/421-706, 421-555, 430-449, 425-805.
                     Branch Office in Belgrade:  011/2632-736; 066/651-39-30

“Lasta" – Eurolines” Bus Transportation
         Jug Bogdanova bb
         Phone: 037/440-445   064/83-23-331

“Eurocompass” Bus Transportation
        Vidovdanska 1
         Phone: 037/44-32-77

Train – Railway Station Krusevac
          Zeleznicka bb
         Phone: 037/428-888



Tourist Organization of the City of Krusevac

Majke Jugovica 3, 37000 Krusevac

+381 37 445 180

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

Contact TIC

Tourist Information Centre

Trg Kosovskih junaka br.6

+381 37 44 11 33

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00-20:00

Saturday: 09:00-15:00