Sport in Kruševac is an organized system, and the holders of its development are:
Center for Physical Culture: The Sports Centre ( Sportski centar Kruševac) which manages sports facilities,Sports Association of the town of Kruševac - the main sports organization in charge of creating conditions for the promotion of sport in qualitative and quantitative terms,
and other sports organizations. Center for Physical Culture-Sports Centre (Sportski centar Kruševac) represents a form of organized sports and facilities management owned by the town of Kruševac.

The main activities of the Sports Centre are services in the field of sport such as: rental of sports facilities, sports teaching and raising the level of physical culture and recreation.

Sports hall, „Soko“ hall , the complex of indoor swimming pool, gym, martial arts hall, table tennis hall.

Football Stadium Mladost, outdoor swimming pool complex, athletic-football block (athletic track, natural grass football pitch, and artificial grass football pitch), tennis courts, sports grounds, Skate Park, and a multifunctional sandy court.

Sports hall VMN“Krstić“
Sports Complex„Elteks“ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more about sports and recreation offer of SC " Kruševac " on the website:

Information about sports and sports organizations in Kruševac can be found on the website of the Sports Association of Kruševac : - club section.
We recommend the following recreational activities:
• Recreation programs of Sports Centre Krusevac :
• Recreation programs of these sports associations : Mountaineering Association “Jastrebac“, Aerobics and Fitness Club „Endorfin“, Aerobics and Fitness Club„Eliksir A“, Fitness Club “Homo sportikus“, Yoga studio„Maja“, Athletic recreational club „Maratonac“, Mountain biking club „Bela stena“.

Bagdala hill with its sports grounds, an outdoor gym, and a jogging track is located above the very center of the town.

Regatta club "Rasina“from Kruševac was founded in 1992 as a subsection of Municipal Sport Fishing Association Kruševac. Members of Regatta Club organized and carried out: more than twenty actions of removing waste plastics and other harmful materials out of Ćelije Lake, -cleaning of the Rasina and its riversides, -a couple of fish-stew cooking competitions, and cruising on the rivers: Rasina, West Morava, South Morava, Great Morava, Ibar, Drina, Tara, Danube...

-ČARAPANSKI DOWNHILL (a one-day event on the Rasina at the end of April),organized six times so far; -MORAVA-DANUBE REGATTA (from Kruševac to Kostolac or Veliko Gradište, at the end of July or at the beginning of August , which lasts 10-15 days), organized twenty-four times so far.
Regatta club“Rasina“ - OOSR „Rasina“ Kruševac

The West Morava is extremely rich in fish: sneep, chub, barbel, catfish, perch, carp... Night fishing and boat fishing are allowed from 1st May to 30th November on the fishing waters "West Morava" in the fishing area "Serbia-Southwest"

The lake of Ćelije, near Kruševac, is one of the favourite places for Serbian fishermen lookinging for capital specimen of carp, perch, catfish and bream in the summer. Due to the aforementioned attractiveness of the lake, night and boat fishing is allowed by law, except the period from 1st March to 15th June when fishing is banned because of spawning. The Rasina is rich in brown trout in its headwaters, where a special regime of fishing has been established. In its lower course this river is rich in chub, sneep, barbel, gudgeon...It is perfect for chub fly- fishing.

At the site of Jastrebac, on "Jastrebačka" fishing waters, from the source of Lomnička River to the village Buci, a special regime of recreational fishing has been ordered- only with fly-fishing "catch and release" equipment, from 1st March to 1st October.
Nearby Kruševac, surrounding the West Morava, there are ponds which are a true paradise for pike fishing, and where an increasingly popular competition "Štukijada" takes place.

This artificial rock in Kruševac is the biggest indoor rock in Serbia. It consists of two parts: - the big sport climbing rock – 10m high, 6m wide, with a 5m overhang; - and a 16m long, 4m high bouldering rock. There is all the equipment for safe and secure climbing on the rock. There is also professional staff that provides safety and security. The rock is placed in the sports hall VMN Krstić on the transit route.

On the northeastern slopes of Jastrebac, in the valley of the River Ribarska, there is a well-known spa and rehabilitation center for orthopedic, bone and joint degenerative diseases - Special Hospital Ribarska Banja. Ribarska Spa is located 34 km away from Kruševac, at the altitude of 540 m. Beautiful nature and clean air are the ideal natural factors that positively affect human health. A net of paths that can be used for running, walking and recreational cycling has been formed in the forests around Ribarska Spa. Not far away (2km), there is an ethno mill “Srndalje” where even the most demanding guests cannot resist homemade specialties. The mill is easy to find since it is on one of the health paths.
Ribarska Spa
Ribarska Spa is one of the oldest spas in the area of south-eastern Balkans. It is one of the first six Serbian spas renovated as early as in 1833, during the regency of Prince Miloš. Warm and thermal waters of Ribarska spa have presumably been used ever since prehistory. In the Roman period, in the area of today’s Ribarska spa, there was a Roman colonists’ fort. The Romans cultivated the cult of beauty and health throughout their empire, following the Greeeks. Thermal waters were the basis of it. Historical documents cite that Ribarska spa (Zagrlatska parish) was given to Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja when he came of age. Princess Milica and her courtiers visited thermal springs of Ribarska spa. There is also a legend in this area of beautiful village girls who also remained beautiful in the old age, since they regularly washed their faces on the spa springs. Ribarska spa was visited by all the crowned heads of Serbia who also spent some time in it. However, the most beloved and the most frequent guest of Ribarska spa was king Peter the First. The spa helped his gout. King Peter resided on the first floor of the villa "Serbia". It was this very place where he signed the Declaration of annexation of Kosovo and Metohija to the homeland of the kingdom of Serbia on 25th May 1913. As a sign of love and regard, the villagers of Ribarska spa built special stairs, known as "the king’s stairs" which helped him to overcome the ascent easier. The first chemical analysis of the water in Ribarska spa was done in 1834, during the regency of Prince Miloš, in the laboratory of Medical University in Vienna. The most beloved and most frequent guest of the spa today is HRH Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević. Because of so many visits from the part of crowned heads and royal families, Ribarska spa is called the Royal spa. Each year there are around 20.000 visitors in Ribarska spa, who come both in search for the right treatment and recreational needs. Following world trends, the management of Ribarska spa renovated and expanded the old Turkish bath which originates from the 16th century. In such way, WELLNESS and SPA offer was expanded and completed. Salt room and salt cave, steam bath, queen Draga’s bath, saunas, luxurious massage rooms, jacuzzi baths, open-closed swimming pool, and above all the old Turkish bath, make the staying in this centre unforgettable. For all those who love traditional cuisine and specialties of this area, we recommend an ethno restaurant in the village of Srndalje. You can get there on an organized mountain pathway 1.800 meters long.

Archery Club „Carska strela“from Kruševac is a newly established sports club that operates in the town of Kruševac with the purpose and the desire to develop archery in this region. Archery is one of the oldest sports in the so-called group of white sports. Archers in Kruševac are trying to make this old chivalrous sport, which develops both mind, and body, regain its importance. Here are the reasons: regional traditions, psychophysical development of archers, development and improvement of concentration and tranquility in children and young people and a possibility to include archery in the tourist offer of our town.

The club has been active for one year, and its activities are numerous. We participated in the following events: - Knight Fest as a part of Vidovdan celebrations 2016
- Ethno festival in Ribarska Spa
-The exhibit of tractors and old-timers in Đunis

In 2016, within the Local Action Plan for Youth, sponsored by the town of Kruševac, we conducted a project named Days of Medieval Chivalry Archery.

Woodlands „Rasina“ in Kruševac include the hunting ground „Veliki Jastrebac“ named after the mountain Veliki Jastrebac. The hunting ground covers the area of 29,731 ha. It is
220 km away from Belgrade, and 23 km away from Kruševac. It is located in the central part of the mountain Jastrebac in the valley of the river Lomnička, at the altitude of 400 - 1200 m. The ground was founded in 1948 and even in the nineteenth century there was data about the wealth of this mountain as an important hunting ground.

Species that can be hunted are: deer, wild boar, roe deer, and woodcock. Inside the hunting grounds there is a breeding area (400ha) where breeding and hunting of deer and wild boar is intense. In this area there is a hunting lodge with other technical facilities that meet the standards of hunting tourism.
Motocross track “Gajić” is located in the village Globare, near Kruševac. Every year, since 2010, Eastern European and national championship and qualifying for the European Championship in the categories of MX 65 and MX 85 are held here. Eastern-European championship is attended by more than 100 competitors in all categories. Competitors come from 16 countries of Eastern Europe.
Besides competitions, Motocross Club “Gajić” organizes trainings and free rides on the track in Globare. The goal of the club is to motivate young people to take part in motor sport. Thanks to professional staff, all fans of motocross and ATV can participate in recreational ATV (Kwadro) rides and in motor crosser rides. Track “Gajić” has ideal conditions for both training and competitions.


One of the most beautiful hiking trails is on the mountain Jastrebac. It is the trail towards Mečje rocks, affectionately called “Jastrebački meteori“ by Serbian mountaineers. The starting point for all the activities on Jastrebac is the Mountain Lodge which, in 2004, was named after Žarko Žarić- the deceased member of PSD Jastrebac. By all means the most popular activity of PSD Jastrebac is the famous Jastrebac march, registered as a state activity in the calendar of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. Every year in October, about two hundred mountaineers from all over Serbia and Montenegro walk over the paths of Jastrebac.

All the people who have, at least once, visited the woodiest mountain of Europe want to return here. Their favourite hiking routes are the ones to: „Bela Stena“ (1257 m), „Stracimir“ (1390 m), „Maznica“ (1140 m), as well as the walks to : „Majorova česma“, „Dve sestrice“, the old Church of St.Petka, „Dolina breza“and the medieval fortress „Gradac“.


Kayaking club “Kula" was founded in 1996 in Stalać - on the banks of three rivers: the South Morava, the West Morava and the Great Morava. In addition to development of kayaking, the club organizes tourist rafting tours specific for their offer of historic and spiritual content in the authentic, natural setting around the South Morava in the part of Stalaćka gorge from Đunis to Stalać.

One rafting tour usually lasts for a day (depending on personal wishes ...) and it includes visiting sacred sites and historic buildings which makes its visitors even closer to nature and the spiritual atmosphere of the landscape. The program includes a tour to the mountains of Mojsinje (Mojsinje Holy Mountain). The area between Stalać - Đunis - Kaonik - Kruševac (about 40 square kilometers) people call it Mala Sveta gora or Druga Srpska Sveta gora. In Serbian history it is often mentioned as "Little Athos", and Europeans named it "The Door of Europe". In these regions of the mountains of Mojsinje there are over 70 monasteries, churches and church remains. The river South Morava intersects these mountains thus making Stalaćka gorge (around 30 km long).

CC “Napredak” is a broad spectrum cycling club that deals with all the modern cycling disciplines: from road cycling, cyclocross, MTB-mountain biking, DH -downhill biking, endure, AMN-all mountain, cross country to the adventurous recreational cycling...One section of the club, led by Uroš Vukadinović, deals with road cycling. These cyclists make serious tours, similar to "Tour de France", riding 150 to 200 km from Kruševac to Kopaonik and back to Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Goč, etc... The other section of the club deals with MTB or mountain biking. Its leader and organizer of all the tours and races is Stevan Vasiljević. The main discipline is DH or downhill biking-the adrenaline discipline based on downhill rides with lots of obstacles and jumps over rough, rugged and rocky terrain. A very attractive and modern cycling discipline, but, at the same time, a very risky one.
Visitors can try out DH trails in the park Slobodište located on the outskirts of Kruševac.

Enduro and AM-all mountain are very popular disciplines which are not competitive but adventurous recreational rides. They include all-day cycling tours, or weekend tours. BC “Napredak” has a number of routed mountain bike trails both on the outskirts of town, and further away from it. The trails inside the town are on Bagdala and Slobodište. There are also rides over the mountains of Mojsinje as well as cycling tours from Kruševac to the weather station above the village of Jasika, and a large number of tracks on Kopaonik... BC “Napredak ” ,in 2016, succesfully realized a very important project - the construction of Bike Park. Cycling lovers can use 5 trails which differ in technical and physical difficulty and are both for beginners and recreational cyclists. For professional adrenaline rides, there is 1 DH and 1 cross country cycling trail and there are 2 Enduro trails. For more information regarding trails, cycling routes and the bike park, visit B.K. “Napredak” and Bikepark Slobodište Facebook pages.


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